The art of makeup 2004 offers a variety of seminar services for teaching anyone interested in learning how to apply, make corrections, or to transform themselves and others through makeup applications. Our seminars consist of color theory, facial shapes, eye shapes, proper placement, appropriate color selections, and correct mistakes.

Our seminars are approximately 3 hours in length. We offer both classroom style seminars, and hands-on seminars.  When booking for a hands-on Seminar, please keep in mind you will need to bring your own makeup and brushes with you. We will provide an artist to assist you with executing the perfect makeup. When booking for a classroom style seminar, we will provide a model, the makeup, and utensils for you to take notes.

We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our seminars. Please browse our calendar below to see the date of our upcoming seminars and the makeup service being taught. All seminars can be booked in advance to receive a discount.

Upcoming Seminars: Bridal Makeup(Saturday August 26, 2017), Male Grooming,(Saturday September 23, 2017) Special Effects Zombie Makeup(TBD). 


Advance booking: $250 per person
$300 at the door

Accepted forms of payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal, Square, Cash App, and cash (at the door). 
*Checks not accepted.